CallAban 2.0.1 Released

30 Jul 2016, CallAban 2.0.1 just released. This version 
1. Adds email alert when receiving TSAPI CSTA_MONITOR_ENDED event or detection of TSAPI link failure.
2. The user data is encoded in base64 format before storing in uuiSVR. Also the data is decoded before sending to related applications.
3. Supports new REST interface “callinfo” to retrieve the call info when a callid and vdn is provided.


CallAban 2.0.0 Released

17 June 2016, CallAban 2.0.0 just released. It supports mapping of user data to additional fields in Splunk and database. The user data may come from TSAPI userdata or data via the userdatamapping TCP handler. This new feature can be used for centralized call data logging which the data can come from different sources. Addition 3 standard fields such as hangupuserdata, calldirection and vdn are added for the extension call logging. Also, fixed a bug that CallAban will not startup successfully before AES startup.


CallAban 1.4.5 Released

22 Feb 2016, CallAban 1.4.5 just released. This version supports logging of SplitSkillStatus report to Splunk and Database. Also, agent logon and logoff events are logged to Splunk and Database. This version also supports MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle for database logging.


Reporting for Call Centers without CMS or BCMS

CallAban Design History


At day 1, the CallAban was designed for logging of abandon and short duration calls. The  VDN, TSAPI Engine, CallInfo and DB Manager were designed at that time. Avaya VDN(s) were monitored and CallInfo,  abandon and short duration records were logged into MySQL database.

Later, Splunk Manager was added to log the CallInfo, abandon and short duration call records to Splunk for big data analysis. By using Splunk, we can find a lot of insights simply from the call records. For example, how long a customer waits for an agent. How many repeated calls a customer contact the call center per day.

In call center, call statistics such as ASA, ACHT and LWT are very important for call center management. Therefore, a Moving Stat and Scheduler were introduced to measure the statistics figures based on the call records.

In some call centers, they want to know immediately the caller information for abandon or short duration calls. They want to integrate their ticketing systems with these information, therefore Email Manager was introduced for email integration with these ticketing systems.

For call centers that do not have CMS or BCMS, CallAban is the right choice for reporting and real time data. Report Agent and Real-time Report were designed for extraction of real time data. This page mentioned that we can simulate CMS Split Skill Status report by using CallAban.

I am planning to add a module to simulate and generate CMS historical interval reports, an Interval Stat module will be designed. This module will save interval such as 15 minutes or 30 minutes interval reports to database or Splunk. I target to have it ready for testing by Q1 2016.