CallAban 1.4.3 Released

16 Dec 2015, CallAban release 1.4.3 just released. This version support REST interfaces to get call queue and call answer list for development of wallboard or real time monitoring applications. 


AvayaMonitor 1.4.1 Released

3 Aug 2015, AvayaMonitor 1.4.1 just released. This version supports “answerjob” testing. We can dialed a number and test if specific number is answered or a specific split number is answered.


CallAban 1.4.0 Released

31 Oct 2014, CallAban release 1.4.0 just released. This version supports REST interface for query statistics data such abandon rate, short duration rate, ACHT, ASA, etc. It also fixed a bug that call info is failed to be stored in database when the data contains single quotation mark.   For details, refer to the support page

Daily Usage, TSAPI

CallAban and Splunk

I implemented a TCP connector module between CallAban and Splunk. It allows me to analysis call center traffic in a systematic way. Also, it allows me to identify problems much easier and faster than before. Currently, I use it in the following areas:

  • Trace a call from its beginning to ending. For example, a call firstly handled by IVR, then handled by an agent
  • Identify the most frequent customers of your call center
  • Identify the agent who disconnects customer call first
  • Identify the agent who creates short duration calls within the center
  • Analysis of abandon calls. For example, to identify which vdn, split, customer number related to abandon calls
  • Analysis of short duration calls. For example, to identify which vdn, split, customer number related to short duration calls
  • Creates reports and dashboards

You can download latest version of CallAban here. Configuration is simple and only has few steps:

Create new index in Splunk


Define TCP data input



Configure CallAban to send call data to Splunk